-Mark Gil Macalinao

Music is the universal language of all people to express their selves their thoughts and their feelings. Music is one of the most powerful weapon to change people’s perception in life it is the way you express yourself by singing, composing and listening to the song that makes you feel who you really are. It is also the way to conquer your fears and you weaknesses.

Through music I find a way to escape from the real world that I belong and live to my own world which I is the king that can control everything, anything and do everything that I like. Music also helps me to boost my morality and regain my confidence that in the real world I cannot express. Through music everything that I want is easy to achieve. Music also helps me to become more patient and more hardworking to every task that is given to me because is music like singing you need to become more patient to achieve the dream voice the you are dreaming of. Also in music you need to work hard to receive the best result that you are working for.

I start to become a fan of music when I was 8 years old when the first time I hold a microphone and sing in videoke in front of my family. After that event I start listening to songs of opm bands like parokya ni edgar, spongecola and silent sanctuary I think it’s also the time that I developed my singing voice that until now is I am using. In listening to the songs of the bands that I like also develops the kind of voice that I am acquiring now.

The music instruments that I learn from my childhood till now is guitar that I learn to play when I was 16 years old. I learn to love it because of the lovely sound that it is producing and how these instruments help people to relive their stress. I play it every time that I am bored and sad. Piano when I was 15 years old that helps me to relax when I feel stress and needs to meditate and at the same time to relax myself. And the last instrument is ukulele it’s like a guitar but small in size and less strings on it I learned to play it only in the past few months that until now I am still in process on enhancing it. So I think that’s enough information and explanation to prove why I love music.


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